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The Pittsburgh Career Connector is Live!




If you’ve used our online career center lately, you may have noticed a banner at the top of the page announcing the upcoming launch of a new and improved job search tool, the Pittsburgh Career Connector. Well, that day is finally here! The site is live and there are a number of new features to help you with your job search. With the new Career Connector you can…

  • Search for jobs under multiple categories, which have been updated and expanded to include new job functions
  • Visit your dashboard to view a summary of your saved jobs, application history, and recommended jobs that may be of interest to you
  • Set up weekly, biweekly, or monthly email alerts for new jobs that are posted to categories that you specify
  • Upload resumes and cover letters in formats such as .doc and .pdf to send to employers with your application instead of entering plain text or copying and pasting

I hope you will spend some time on the site and tell us how you like it!


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Pittsburgh’s keeping more jobs than Philly, Boston, New York, Chicago, Denver…

I could go on and on. Did I mention San Fransisco, Minneapolis (incidentally my hometown), Portland and Cleveland?

The latest data on jobs is in, and Pittsburgh continues to come out on top. In the middle of a frightening recession, it’s good to know that our region has seen one of the smallest changes across the country in the sheer number of jobs available. Pittsburgh’s Future outlines this quite well, with graphs and some analysis. Not surprisingly, one of the biggest sectors to see a decrease is in the retail industry. Who needs the latest in HD technology or a swank new outfit when you’re worried about paying the mortgage? But certainly, our growth in the Health Care and Education industries has been our life vest and will (hopefully) continue to keep us above water while the world’s economic turmoil continues.

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Free Resume Printing at Fed Ex

In case you haven’t heard, there is still time left in the day to head down to your nearest Fed Ex store! Today only (that’s Tuesday, March 10th) Fed Ex is offering up to 25 free black & white copies of your resume.

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Laid Off? Go Camping.

Driving into work today I heard this story on NPR and thought, “What a great idea!” Laid Off Camp is a grassroots sort of project started by someone who was, what else, laid off himself and wanted to connect with others who were unemployed. These informal groups of job-seekers get together for support, guidance, and potentially – leads to a new career. Their workshops focus on issues like budgeting, how to find affordable health insurance, and how to start your own consulting business. Although started in San Fransisco, new groups have cropped up around the country. No one has planned one for Pittsburgh yet, but I’m sure there are some enterprising individuals out there who will take on this great idea. Just be sure to let me know when you pitch your first tent!

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4 Million Jobs

With a new president in office and an unprecedented stimulus package in the works, you might be wondering what’s in it for you, the job seeker. Obama’s plan is focused on clean energy and rebuilding infrastructure, leading to job creation for energy related technologies and construction based trades. Forbes has compiled an analysis of the stimulus package and what types of employment opportunities that may result from its implementation.

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Pittsburgh = Young Professionals recently released its ranking of “Best Cities for Young Professionals.” Pittsburgh ranked #13 on the list. Cited reasons for this ranking included its number two ranking on the 400 best big companines and the 200 best small companies lists.

Read the full story.

Read WTAE’s coverage.

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