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The Interview Dress Rehearsal

curtain1I’m not one of those people who is great at talking on my feet. There’s something about the way I am wired that makes it difficult for me to act suave and say intelligent things under pressure. I’ll never be a politician, or an actor, or anyone behind a news desk. But I can overcome this “flaw” in certain situations with just a little bit of practice. It’s best to borrow a friend to help you out and ask you random questions to put you on the spot (although I must admit, I’ve had to resort to talking to my cat in the past). Here’s a bit of inspiration to get you thinking about potential questions.

Now don’t start memorizing answers to all of them. Obviously, that’s just ridiculous and you never know what the interviewer will ask. But I’ve found that if I concentrate my efforts in a few areas, this helps me draw out examples and provide some pretty solid, respectable answers.

  1. First and foremost, be prepared with your elevator pitch!
  2. Think of several examples of things you do well. Previous projects, situations that were difficult, times in which your boss or others absolutely raved about your work.
  3. Be prepared by remembering a time when things did not happen as you wanted them to happen and how you overcame this. (this will answer those annoying questions related to challenges, weaknesses, etc.)
  4. Give some thought to what your personality type is like and how you work with others – are you a very independent worker? Do you need others around for motivation?
  5. Since you’ve done lots of research on this company and know all about what they do (you did that, right?) give careful consideration to forming a brief description of them in your own words, one that preferably gives the company a bit of an ego rub while you’re at it.
  6. There are plenty of on-line resources for finding out what your salary range should be. Come prepared to tell them what you’d like to be making, as long as it falls within the parameters of the position, of course.

Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget that you also must (and I mean MUST) ask questions of the interviewer. Your inquiries should be smart, and show knowledge that you understand their business and have given some serious thought to how you can help them succeed.

All done? Take a bow. Then practice again. If you’re like me and end up resorting to using the family pet as your “audience”, I promise he won’t mind.


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What to Wear

It’s Monday morning, so I thought I’d keep things on the lighter side with a video. The “expert” in this clip stresses that well dressed individuals get more promotions and salary increases. Do you agree? If your office has a casual dress code, does this theory still apply?

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Preparation Help for Your Next Interview

The Quintessential Guide to Job Interview Preparation by Katharine Hansen, Ph.D. and Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D., is a free, on-line book that outlines steps to take throughout the interview process. Complete with sample letters and interviewing examples, this book is a helpful reminder to any person heading into their next interview. Also, since it is only 73 pages (many of which are examples), this resource is a light read or an easy skim the day before…or even minutes before…your interview.

Excerpt from the introduction:
The job interview is the Holy Grail of the job-search process. Yes, a job offer is even better than an interview invitation, but since few job-seekers are hired without interviews, these sessions are what candidates strive for when they submit resumes and cover letters to employers. They are the key means for employers to determine how well you will fit into the job and the organization, as well as the best way for you to discern whether you will be comfortable there.

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